TH11 War Strategy: DragLoon with Clone Spell


Short History Lesson:

Ever since it was introduced in the game, the Clone Spell was rarely ever used in Clash of Clans war attacks, mainly because it takes 4 spell housing spaces instead of 2 spaces (like a rage, heal, jump, or freeze spell does).  But then the May 2017 update added the Level 5 Clone Spell to TH11.  A level 5 Clone Spell can clone up to 40 troop spaces, which is equivalent to 2 dragons.  Fast forward to July 16, 2017, when the Champions War League (CWL) Season 2 Final occurred.  The Dark Looters clan (who ended up winning) used a technique that hadn’t been seen before, using a Clone Spell with DragLoon for TH11 vs TH10.  If you would like to see a short recap of that event, click here.  The DragLoon with Clone Spell attacks can be seen at the 5:56 time mark and again at the 7:30 time mark.

Troops and Spells:

  • 9-10 Level 6 Dragons
  • 8-12 Level 7 Balloons
  • 3 Rage Spells + 1 CC Rage Spell
  • 1 Clone Spell  (should be level 5 to make 2 cloned dragons)
  • 1 Haste Spell
  • usually a CC max Lava Hound with 1 max Balloon

Please know that this is a general troop and spell composition.  It obviously could be slightly tweaked based on the base design you are attacking.

How It Works:

The videos below show that this attack works very well for TH11 vs. TH10 to get 3-stars.  And let’s be honest, getting 3 stars on TH10’s (usually the lower level ones) has become the key to winning many wars these days.  However, this strategy can also be a viable option for TH11 vs. TH11 as a safe 2-star attack.  3-stars on TH11’s is extremely difficult (nearly impossible) for most clans to achieve.  Here are the steps:

  1. Hero Push:  There are 2 ways to use your heroes as an opener.  Option 1:  Your Barbarian King tanks for your Archer Queen with the goal of taking down an Air Defense and creating one side of the funnel.  You are going to need very high level heroes to do this.  Option 2:  If an Air Defense is not going to be in range for your Archer Queen, option 1 will not make sense.  So instead, you’ll deploy your King and Queen on opposite corners to begin taking down structures.  The purpose is to create both sides of your funnel so that your Dragons can push to the middle.
  2. Unleash the Troops with the Grand Warden:  Your CC Hound, Dragons, and Balloons are deployed along with your Grand Warden.  Make sure you don’t wait too long before doing this.  Time could be a factor with Dragon attacks.  Also, make sure to create a proper funnel to make sure your Dragons will push to the middle of the base.
  3. Spell Timing and the Grand Warden’s Ability:  The use and timing of your rage spells and clone spell and the use of the Grand Warden’s eternal tome ability are crucial to the success of this attack.  Study how that is done from the videos below.
  4. Possible Back-End Balloons with the Haste Spell:  One possibility is using Back-End Balloons with your Haste Spell to take down key defenses, possibly an Air Defense.  Look for this in the video below by ClericDragoon Gaming.  This is dependent of the design of the base.

Clone the Dragons or Balloons?

In the CWL Season 2 Final, the Dark Looters clan used the Clone Spell on the Dragons, and you’ll also see that in the video by ClericDragoon Gaming.  However, Powerbang’s explains that cloning the Balloons is also a viable option.  As always, you have to decide what is most beneficial for the design of the base you will be attacking.


The first video shown here is from ClericDragoon Gaming.  The attacks he shows include using the Barb King and Archer Queen to take down an Air Defense.


This next video is by Powerbang Gaming.  In most of these attacks, the bases shown are not the kind where the Archer Queen can shoot down an Air Defense.  So intead, the Queen and King are deployed on opposite corners to create the funnel for the Dragons.


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