TH10-11 War Strategy: How to Beat Ring Bases – Part 1 – Ground Attacks

Oh the dreaded ring bases.  How annoying they can be, unless you know what strategies to use and when.  The goal of this post is show you ground attacks that can work to beat ring bases.

Not All Ring Bases Are The Same:

Like many things in Clash of Clans, ring bases have evolved.  The older style from back in 2015 use to be difficult to beat before level 5 Valkyries were introduced to TH10 and then later the game introduced Bowlers.  Nowadays, a 1-2 Golem GoVaBo attack (and maybe even Mass Bowlers or BoWitch) can crush those 2015 style ring bases.  But then base builders got smarter and designed ring bases that have a gap separating the Town Hall (sometimes with infernos; sometimes with teslas) from the rest of the base, like a moat around an island.  Those bases are not as simple to get your troops to the Town Hall.  And then there are also ring bases that are multi-layered or that contain multiple inner compartments.  Watch the video below, created by myself, to see how these style of ring bases differ from each other, and to see an introduction on how to attack them.


Safe Attacks vs. Riskier Attacks:

Let’s be honest, at TH10 and TH11, especially on max level bases, often the goal is to get a solid 2-stars on the base.  This post is primarily about safer 2-star ground attack strategies that have the potential to achieve 3-stars if the attack works out really well.  These safer ground strategies use Valkyries and Bowlers.  But if your clan is at the point in war where all the TH10 and TH11 bases have been 2-starred, and you still have attacks remaining, then it makes sense to try riskier 3-star strategies.  For ground attacks, the riskier ones at TH10 usually include Hog Riders.  To see an example of a TH10 GoBoHo attack on a multi-compartment ring base, click here to watch one by Cast N’ Blast.


Attacking Older 2015 Style Ring Bases with GoVaBo:

If you haven’t watched the video near the beginning of this post, make sure you watch it before the next one, so you understand the different style of ring bases.  The video below by Bleed SCX shows a couple attacks on how to potentially 3-star the older 2015 ring bases (the ones that have just one inner compartment with no moat surrounding it) using GoVaBo.  As you watch the video, please note how very few Wizards are used in the attacks.  The Bowlers are used to create the funnel, not Wizards.


Attacking Newer Style Ring Bases – Moat/Island Style, Multiple-Layered, or Multiple Compartments:

I have to give credit to Clash with Ash and Judo Sloth, both from YouTube.  Their videos are what showed me how to beat ring bases that have a moat surrounding the Town Hall or that contain multiple layers.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, watch the first video on this post.  This Queen-Charge VaBo attack has 3 phases to it, and can even work for TH10’s trying to 2-star TH11’s (TH10’s simply won’t be able to include the Grand Warden, but it still works)

  • Phase 1 – Queen-Charge:  Your Archer Queen, with 4-5 Healers behind her, breaks into the ring (you’ll need 3-4 Wall Breakers to do this a couple funneling troops).  She begins to walk left or right – you actually might not know which way she’ll go, but the attack strategy should work no matter which direction she goes.  TH11’s will include the Grand Warden with the Queen-Charge.  Be prepared to use at least one Rage Spell on the Healers to keep your Queen alive.
  • Phase 2 – Barbarian King and Bowlers Join the Party:  Your Barbarian King and Bowlers, along with a “tanking” troop, join up with the Queen (again, 3-4 Wall Breakers will be used).  It’s your choice what type of “tank” you want to bring:  a Golem, high level Giants, or even a level 5-6 Pekka.
  • Phase 3 – Valkyries to the Town Hall:  Once the Queen, King, and Bowlers have traveled further, and now about 50% of the base has been destroyed, you’ll place a Jump Spell that will direct Valkyries to the Town Hall.  The Valkyries will be deployed at the same place where your King and Bowlers originally came from (remember, Wall Breakers had already punched a hole there).  Make sure to use a test Valkyrie to see where it paths, making sure it is going to the Town Hall, before you deploy the rest of your Valkyries.  It’s common to use a Rage Spell near the Town Hall, especially if there’s Inferno Towers next to it.  However, if there’s Giant Bombs and Teslas there instead of Infernos, you may need a Heal Spell.

Watch the videos below, possibly multiple times, and practice this strategy.  Because once you get good at this, you’ll never need to fear ring bases again.


The “Pinch Method”:

Although I think the strategy shown above by Clash with Ash and Judo Sloth is one that every TH10 and TH11 should learn, there is another way to beat newer style ring bases.  The idea is you take out one corner, and then another corner, leaving a clear path for your Bowlers/Valkyries to get to the Town Hall.  The corners can be taken down by a Queen Charge or Bowlers.  Halo Okraheads recently made a nice video showing how this method can work.



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